The Kodiyala Handloom Revival Series

Handloom weaving can be traced back to many, many generations in the village of Kodiyala, in the Mandya district of Karnataka. However, many weavers later shifted away from handlooms to fulfill their needs in a commercial and competitive market. At Shrenis, our efforts are to restore the pride, dignity, and sustainability of handloom weaving. Our Handloom Revival and Training Project set up in Kodiyala is one of such efforts to revive this heritage craft. Named after the changing of the seasons in the Lunar calendar, ‘Maagha’ is the first collection released from the unit that we set up. Each saree has a story behind it – together, they tell the tale of a rebirth, a renaissance, a revival. Bring in the festive season with a slice of Karnataka’s Handloom history this new year!