Bundle of Delight


This bundle consists of 10 sarees, Open this bundle for elegant cotton and blended weaves from Bagalkote,
Ilkal, Kappaldoddi, Rabakavi, Gajendragada, and Palakkad among many more.
This bundle features Khana/Khun sarees, Ilkal weaves, and Pattedu Anchu sarees,
all made with love by weavers from Karnataka and beyond. With this bundle, you’ll be supporting the livelihoods
of Jagadish Kasturi (Ilkal), N. Parameswaran (Palakkad – Kerala), Guru G. (Gajendragada),
Peethambar Rao (Kappaladoddi – Andhra Pradesh), Lokesh (Tiptur), Dasharath Hoti (Bagalkote), Gopala V. (Anekal, BLR), and many more!

Disclaimer: This image is representative. The sarees you receive will be similar, but not exactly the same.
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